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buddhist funeral tentage

Grief & Healing

Supporting You

Helping our clients through difficult times is what we do at Sin Hiap Mui Tentage & Services. We provide many resources to do so. Get in touch to learn the different ways we can help you and your loved ones.

Promotion Packages

Zero cost to customers with financial needs (T&Cs apply)

one-stop tentage services

2Ö2Ö50 Öff

Call 9682 9694 (Alan 24hr)   I   6483 9694

1          三面围篷  16ft*16ft       UIKE 16ft*16ft

1          围架布置加灯               UIKE Inner Lining W/ Blue Lighting

1          蓝地毯                          Blue Carpet 16ft*16ft

1          棺材台架                      Coffin Trolley & Coffin Table W/ Cloth

150      白椅子                          PVC White Chair

15        圆桌                             4ft Round Table

20       四方桌                         3ft*3ft Square Table

1          四方桌布加围裙           Square Table Cloth 3ft*3ft W/ Skirting

1          长方形桌布加围裙        Rectangle Table Cloth 3ft*6ft W/ Skirting

1          冷风机                          Air Cooler Small

6         站扇                             Standing Fan & Ceiling Fan

44       LED 灯                          LED Light

4         电牌                             Electrical Powerpoint

6         围布                             Side Canvas

3 Days

($2400) Now $1200 

4 Days

($2800) Now $1400 

5 Days

($3200) Now $1600

师公篷 / 善堂棚

Call 9682 9694 (Alan 24hr)   I   6483 9694

三面围篷     Tentage 15ft*20ft + 3 Sided Canvas

铺地板         Planking

灯和风扇     Lights & Fans

电排            Powerpoint x1

三面围篷     Tentage 30ft*20ft + 3 Sided Canvas

铺地板         Planking

灯和风扇     Lights & Fans

电排            Powerpoint x1

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Thinking Ahead

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